éponine jondrette ; 19 ; paris
x-rays and hysterics and casts, oh my!

It was just over an hour after being told that they could go that Éponine and Gavroche actually made it to the Musain. The walk was only about fifteen minutes, but there had been so much to go through that it’d taken forever to get out. She knew that Gavroche was reaching the point of impatience and just wanted to get inside. The skin of his forehead was still hot against her, despite his many protestations of being cold. It was quite obvious that he was in pain, but she couldn’t give him the medication until they got home; it would knock him out in five minutes flat, and she would struggle to carry a deadweight home, even if he was pretty light. Ready to slip into bed for the next few days, Éponine pushed open the door to the Musain one-handed, holding Gavroche out of the way of anything while she walked in. There was a fair amount of activity going on in the front room of the café, leaving her a little bit confused as to where she was actually supposed to be going. “Where do you want to go, sweetheart?” She asked, stroking back his hair.